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Thermal Cooling

The benefit of using cold water to reduce the effect of a burn has been a first aid measure for over two thousand years. Hugh Wright MA BM BCh MRCS is researching the simple but unknown question of why cold reduces the burn effects so that a cream or pill…

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Manipulation of the Immune System for Skin Grafts

Fadi Issa MA BMBCh MRCS DPhil is looking at ways of helping patients with extensive burns that need skin grafts. He’s looking at Treg cells, a type of immune cell, that can stop the body rejecting a skin graft. His work holds vast promise in transplants of all kinds. He…

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PROMS (Patient Related Outcomes Measures)

Catrin Griffith BSc MSc in Bristol is using a PROMs questionnaire to measure how patients cope with both the pain and the psycho-social effects of being burned. Her findings will help the NHS effectively treat patients by better understanding their emotional and physical needs. She currently works at the Centre…

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in England attend A&E every year with burns and scalds.


every year in the UK suffer burns that require admission to hospital.

23 million

in the UK have some sort of scar.

£22 million
a year

is spent by the NHS on the treatment of burns scarring.

Fellow's Blog

Memoirs by Anthony Roberts OBE, Restore President, Released

Anthony Roberts OBE writes:

With nothing else to do during Covid, I started writing my memoirs.

Volume I ‘Scholarship Boy to...

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Burns researchers

Fifteen, Twenty, Twenty Five

Fifteen, Twenty, Twenty FiveA story about why we should cool burn injuries

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Media coverage

How dad saved son from 'scalding cuppa' scars

A father saved his son from scarring from a scalding cup of tea by immediately running his son’s legs under cold water for over...

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