For Burns Awareness Day 2022, Restore Research created a poster competition for foundation doctors to help raise awareness about burns and the management of burn injuries.

We received a fantastic volume and standard of entries and on this occasion we felt that more than one entrant deserved a prize! 1st place was awarded £500, two further runner up prizes have been awarded £150 each. After careful consideration our winners of this years competition are as follows:


Dr Eduardo Panaiotis Deliyannis.
Foundation year 2 doctor
Created a double sided poster titled ‘First Aid in the Community’ & ‘Burns Management in the Hospital’



Dr Joshua Lui
Foundation year 2 doctor
Created a poster titled ‘First Aid for Burns’

Dr Danielle Fung
Foundation year 2 doctor
Created a poster titled ‘6 Lifesaving Steps for Managing Burns’

Congratulations to our winners for creating clear, informative & well designed posters to help educate and guide the public around burns first aid. The aim of the competition was met brilliantly. Thank you also to all of our other entries for taking the time and effort to enter our competition we were blown away by all of your posters!

Take a look at our winning posters attached below! We will catch up with our prize winners over the next few months to see what courses/ conferences they have put their prize money towards!

‘First Aid in the Community’ and ‘Burns Management in the Hospital’ by Eduardo Panaiotis Deliyannis

‘First Aid for Burns’ by Joshua Lui