In recent years, student and trainee-led medical research networks have been growing,
however, there is yet to be one for burns. Restore Research have founded the first student
and trainee collaborative for burns with input from past and current fellows. Mr Jonathon
Pleat (Deputy Director of Research at Restore) and Mr Mike Tyler (Chairman of Restore
Research) are part of the steering group. The seven students and trainees involved are
currently developing a questionnaire to assess the public’s knowledge on first aid treatment
for burns in various countries across the globe. The aim is to see how this knowledge differs
from the ideal first aid treatment for burns and if there are any social, physical or
economical barriers preventing these countries from carrying out the optimal first aid

This work follows on from the successful scar research network and The KeIS International
Keloid Study which has produced data from Australasia, North America and Europe.

Restore’s collaborative long-term goal, is to expand and become a medical student and
trainee-led international network engaging in burns research across the world. If you are
interested in becoming part of this consortium click here to find out more!


By Jasmine Bailey, Restore Student Fellow