Oscare's colourful paediatric rehabilitation centre

A delegation from Restore has visited Oscare in Antwerp at the invitation of Professor Peter Moortgat. Based in Belgium, Oscare provides care for patients with burns and scars across the Low Countries. They have access to purpose-based facilities and a full multidisciplinary team including burns surgeons, physiotherapists and clinical psychologists. These professionals provide a crucial role in helping people with their physical and mental rehabilitation following serious injury.

An academically driven institute, research is at the core of Oscare’s activities. Their active research team has worked on a broad range of burns and scarring topics, including the effects of scar massage and pressure garments, while using the latest objective measurement techniques such as Dermalab. Restore and Oscare have successfully collaborated in research, with joint Oscare and Restore Fellow Dr Matthew Fell publishing work on Scarbase Duo, an objective scar assessment tool.

In addition to research and the provision of direct care, Oscare also has an active outreach program which works to increase community awareness and understanding of burn injuries and scarring.

We would like to thank Professor Moortgat and his team for sharing their time and expert knowledge.

By Majid Al-Khalil, Restore Student Fellow